30-40 Ramland Road

Property Name: 30-40 Ramland Road
Location: Orangeburg, NY
Property Type: Retail
Transaction Type: Acquisition Financing
Loan Amount: $6,850,000
Details: Houlihan-Parnes Realtors, LLC and Q10 Capital, LLC is pleased to announce the closing of a loan in the amount of $6,850,000 on properties located at 30-40 Ramland Road in Orangeburg, New York. The properties are located in Rockland County and are improved by two 40,000 sq. ft. two-story office buildings. The multi-tenant properties are located on 10+ acres and have 244 on-site parking spaces. The properties have been upgraded in the last 4 years with a new lobby and common areas, HVAC upgrades throughout the building, a new elevator, new restrooms, and a new roof. The parking lot was repaved and 45 new parking spaces were added.

The loan was placed for a term of 10 years with a local bank. The rate is fixed for the first 5 years of the term at 4.5% and is repayable on a 30 year schedule.

Michael Lynch, Esq. was the attorney for the borrowers and title insurance was provided by Ray Cohen of Chicago Title Insurance Co.

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