6 East Sidney Avenue

Property Name: 6 East Sidney Avenue
Location: Mount Vernon, NY
Property Type: Apartment/Multi-Family
Transaction Type: First Mortgage
Loan Amount: $1,875,000
Details: Jerry Houlihan has arranged first mortgage financing in the amount of $1,875,000 for the acquisition of a brick walkup apartment building in Mount Vernon, NY. The building contains apartments and retail stores with gross rents in excess of $500,000. The loan was placed with a Long Island based Savings Bank at a floating interest rate of prime plus 1.25% payable interest only for 3 years. The Borrowers, Milio Realty Corp., a Property Investment and Management Company based in Yonkers, NY have holdings of approximately 600 apts in the tri-state area.
More Info: Jerry Houlihan at 914-641-4317 or contact me