Trader Joe\’s Supermarket

Property Name: Trader Joe\’s Supermarket
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Property Type: Retail
Transaction Type: Permanent Financing
Loan Amount: $9,000,000
Details: Jerry Houlihan & Ed Graf of Houlihan Parnes Realtors, LLC are pleased to announce the placement of institutional first mortgages in the amount of $9,000,000 for the financing of a free-standing single-tenant, Trader Joe’s Supermarket located in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn, NY. DUMBO, which stands for \"Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass\" is situated between the Brooklyn & Manhattan bridges and has been transformed from a bustling commercial port for steam-boat ferries in the 19th century to a premier NYC arts/cultural destination and a coveted residential & retail location. The loan were placed with a Savings Bank for a 10 year term payable on a 30-yr amortization schedule. The Bank charged no commitment fee and was represented by Cassin, Cassin LLP.
More Info: Jerry Houlihan & Ed Graf at 914-694-6070 or contact me