Q10|NY and its affiliates, Houlihan-Parnes Realtors, GHP Office Realty and Metro Property Group is a full service commercial real estate company.

In today’s ever changing and challenging commercial real estate market, there is a growing need professional service providers, possessing the experience, expertise and capabilities to help clients during these difficult times.

We are now offering our expertise, support and direction to clients requiring assistance with their multi-family residential, office, retail, and mixed use properties. Our highly experienced and specialized staff shares a depth of expertise capable of addressing complex and difficult issues. During the distressed cycle of the early 1990’s, we actively provided property management, distressed mortgage servicing, renovation and construction services, and sales and disposition services for our clients. We also purchased many distressed assets from the RTC, the FDIC’s and many institutional sellers. We achieved strong returns for ourselves and our investors due to our hands-on style of aggressive management.

Mortgage Financing

We have originated several billion dollars in financing during the past seven years. Our firm’s relationship with Domestic and Foreign Banks, Wall Street, Credit Companies, REITs, Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Credit Companies and Private Investors afford us the ability to explore every potential opportunity for financing. In today’s difficult credit environment, we explore innovative concepts to serve our clients immediate and long-range goals.

Work Out

The same resources and expertise reflected in our Mortgage Financing experience provide our staff with the opportunity and relationships required to negotiate with lenders on behalf of our clients. Personal experience with executive level staff in a myriad of lending institutions, incorporated with our insight into the structure of loans and knowledge of associated documents, allow our staff to provide borrowers with alternatives to foreclosure, including: re-finance, forbearance, restructuring, short sale or in dire situations, a structured surrender of the deed.


Through our office division, GHP Office Realty and our residential/retail division, Metro Property Group, we have the ability to maximize the efficiency of operation for most commercial properties. Management through our affiliates allows clients access to our firm’s resources, including reduced costs for fuel, insurance, repair and maintenance contracts and supplies. In addition, experienced, talented managing agents will focus on optimizing the operation of the property, maximizing profit and asset value.


Both GHP and Metro maintain qualified leasing brokers on staff. Whether you require new or additional space, wish to lease existing space, or require assistance in negotiating a new lease or renewal lease, we can and will provide the service.


Through its many years of purchasing and selling assets, we have established an enormous resource base of brokers and purchasers. The Houlihan-Parnes Realtors, LLC brand is well known and respected in the brokerage and ownership communities, portending positively for those we represent. Our in house brokerage staff will market your property in a manner which will ensure maximization of exposure and proceeds. Our experienced staff will follow the sales process, ensuring an expeditious closing. In recent years, Houlihan-Parnes Realtors, LLC has successfully completed over a billion dollars in transactions on behalf of our principals and partners. The same attention to detail and expertise utilized to close these transactions will be made available to our new clients.

Court Appointed Receivers

We have several individuals who have been approved by the New York State Office of Court Administration as Receivers. In many cases, lending institutions have been allowed input into the choice of Receivers and managing agents for properties entering the foreclosure process. The ability to appoint a qualified and experienced Receiver and managing agent aligned with the interests of the lender is critical in maintaining the asset value of the property.

The aforementioned services and a myriad of others are available through a relationship with us. The aggregate experience and expertise of our principals and staff is extraordinary in scope.